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    Struts Tiles Error when migrating from WL 8.1 to WL 11

      Hi Guys,

      When migration a web application from WL 8.1 to WL 11g, I got the follow error:
      org.apache.struts.taglib.tiles.InsertTag ERROR]- Can't insert page '/common/header.jsp' : null
      at weblogic.servlet.jsp.BodyContentImpl.flush(BodyContentImpl.java:73)...

      I use the definition below:
      <definition name="base.definition" path="/layout/basicLayout.jsp">     
      <put name="title" value="Title is missing!!" />
      <put name="header" value="/common/header.jsp" />
      <put name="pageheader" value="/jsp/pageHeader.jsp"/>     
      <put name="opt-msgs" />
      <put name="body" />
      <put name="footer" value="/common/footer.jsp" />

      Could anybody help me?

      Thank you so much!