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    Oracle VM Manager 3.2.1 and iSCSI/Fiber Channel Adapters on Sparc

      Hi there,

      I have

      - Oracle VM Manager 3.2.1
      - two T4-2's with a Dual Port Fiber Adapter in each of them
      - configured a few LUN's so that the T4's see something on the fiber
      - made it MPXIO
      - also configured a few iSCSI-Devices

      However, when I try to discover the T4's in Oracle VM Manager 3.2.1 it does not find the iSCSI-(Software)-Adapter nor the Fiber Channel(Qlogic) Adapters.

      In the Release Note I find the following Limitation:
      There are a number of features that exist in Oracle VM Manager that cannot be used in a server pool that contains Oracle VM Server for SPARC servers. Those feature are:

      ISCSI or Fibre Channel storage. NFS storage is, however, supported.

      Does that mean that Fiber/iSCSI cannot be used at all with VM Manager 3.2.1 and Sparc (that is no physical disks can be configured to VM's)? Or is only the Pool FS not Supported on Fiber.
      If it the later (could live with that), what might I be doing wrong that the Fiber Adapters/iSCSI-Adapters dont show up (not listed on the "Storage Initiators"-Page of the Server and in the "Infos"-Page of the Server I see iSCSI-Ports :0 and Fiber Channel Ports: 0

      Thanks for any ideas.