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    Works fine with Integrated WLS, NPE when deployed

    Arie Morgenstern
      I have an application that runs fine on my Integrated WLS.
      But, when I deploy it to our production environment, I get a Null Point Exception.
              DCBindingContainer bc =
              DCIteratorBinding sItr = bc.findIteratorBinding("Empmaster1Iterator");
              Row currentRow = sItr.getCurrentRow();
              String fName = (String)currentRow.getAttribute("FirstName");
      Curiously, the NPE occurs on the VERY first retrieval of data from the database (the same database I am using in Integrated WLS).
      The NPE occurs on the last line in the above code snippet.

      Can anyone point me in the correct direction to troubleshoot this?

      Studio Edition Version
      Weblogic 10.3

      production environ:
      WebLogic Server Version: