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    Weather  Service is not behaving properly for my portal application

      Hi All ,

      I used wether widget for my portal app to display weather info on my Home Page. I am using service from "http://free.worldweatheronline.com/"
      The service is working fine for fresh log in, but if i log out and again log in , i don't get any service. Once i cleared the cache and cookies its works fine . To sum up for fresh login the service works very well . I asked the worldweatheronline team but they replied like "Our weather widget is not behind any login/logout system so it should work in all cases."
      Earlier, there was no single sign out option for my application and this weather service was working fine . Now i added the single sign out , is this causing the problem ? my doubt is y the service only works for fresh login but not all the time ? if any body has idea please help me out.
      Thank you in advance.