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    Upgrade to APEX 4.2: apex_application_install with multilanguage appl.

      Hi all,

      following problem appears:

      (Application Express

      I developed an application (app id 100) with translations in three languages in the workspace "DEV".
      In the application builder I see 1 application.

      Then I export this application by application builder to file f100.

      Then I reimport this script to the same workspace via script by

      l_workspace_id number;
      select workspace_id into l_workspace_id
      from apex_workspaces
      where workspace = 'DEV';
      apex_application_install.set_workspace_id( l_workspace_id );
      apex_application_install.set_schema( 'DEV' );
      apex_application_install.set_application_alias( 'DEV_APP' );


      Now in the application builder I see 4 applications, the original one and the 3 translations.

      If I repeat this procedure (exporting the original application 100 and reimporting it again, I get every time 3 applications in additional).
      So after the second import I see 7 applications, after the third import I see 10 applications ....

      What do I miss when importing the application via script?

      Best regards,

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