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    Sqldeveloper capturing null DB during Migration Sysbase 15 to Oracle 11g.

    Abdul Nazar Ali
      I am doing offline migration from Sybase to Oracle using SQLdeveloper 3.0.02 . I have performed below steps:

      1) Create a user (without CREATE ROLE, CREATE USER, DROP ANY SEQUENCE, DROP ANY TABLE, DROP ANY TRIGGER, DROP USER, DROP ANY ROLE, GRANT ANY ROLE privileges due to security reasons I can't have these privileges. This user have all other privileges suggest as per Oracle docs)
      2) Create a migration repository
      3) Made a connection and associate the migration repository to it.
      4) Generate the offline Sybase capture files using sqldeveloper and generate the dat files having Sybase structure.
      5) Tool -> migration -> migrate -> following the wizard instructions I start the migration.

      Now the message window showing me 1) capturing connections 2) capturing catalogs and then directly migration is successful. Finally there is no error message.

      I have checked the migration project navigation window and found that sql developer has captured the null database.

      I checked the migration repository tables and found that only MD_CONNECTIONS, MD_CATALOGS and MD_DERIVATIVE tables are populated.

      Could you please suggest me why SQL developer captured the null database. ( No Sybase database objects are captured from Sybase15.ocp file)

      ASAP reply would be appreciated.


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      Edited by: Abdul Nazar Ali on Apr 9, 2013 9:28 AM