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    Understand implementation of doAccessibleActions()


      I wish to understand the exact implementation of

      +doAccessibleActions(long vmID, AccessibleContext accessiblecontext, AccessibleActionsToDo actionstodo, jint failure)+_

      I have a jnlp app which has a combo box which has values like "centimeters", "meters" and "kilometers" each with a
      AccessibleActions actions.actionscount of 0,1,2 respectively.

      Also these values have AccessibleContextInfo info.indexInParent values of 0,1,2 respectively.

      Now lets say by default it has the value set as "centimeters" ie AccessibleActions actions.actionscount = 0
      I wish to change it to a different value i.e to lets say "kilometers" i.e AccessibleActions actions.actionscount = 2 through my c++ code.

      Or is it directly possible to change from "centimeters" to "kilometers" using the AccessibleContextInfo info.indexInParent paremeter.

      Can someone help me out.

      Much Appreciated.
      Thank you.

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