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    "completion insight" and "change case as you type" won't work for sql file

      Hi there,

      Just updated to 3.1 on my Mac Lion. It's very likely a bug since it used the work with 3.0.

      I have a "temp.sql" file where I store several queries. I start SQL Developer, open "temp.sql", connect to a DB but "completion insight" and "change case as you type" won't work anymore.

      If I click in "Unshared SQL Worksheet", the new worksheet tab will work fine with completion and change case, but I want to use my temp.sql and save things there when closing the application.

      To reproduce yourself the issue:

      Open SQL Dev, connect to a DB (it will open a worksheet), do some queries and check that change case and completion are working, quit SQL Dev, but save the worksheet in a sql file before. Re-open SQL Dev and open the sql file. Connect to the same DB and try to change the queries or create another. Completion and change case won't work anymore.


      Oracle SQL Developer 3.1.07
      Version 3.1.07
      Build MAIN-07.42
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