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    MSI registry entries of Java updates

      Hello there,

      I´m deploying Java 7.17 through Local Update Publisher/WSUS in my domain. Because the deploy fails with the extracted MSI file on the clients through a "command line error" I had to use the *.exe files and add the MSI Code of the package in the "installed/insallable" rules. Works fine for now.

      My question is now about future java updates. I´m about to deploy them the same way. So when I deploy the new Version with the new MSI code will the older entry (from 7.17) persist in the registry? If thats not the case I need to involve the 7.17 MSI code (and newer ones) in all future "install/installable" rules of the packages - am I right?

      So I´m hoping the MSI registry entry of 7.17 won´t be removed in case of an update. So that I don´t have to take the "older" updates offline. Else they un-/install each other again and again.

      Can somebody approve this or not?

      Thanks in advance!

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