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    Launch RCU utility on Solaris in CLI mode

      Hi ,
      We have a scenario to launch RCU utility to create MDS schema from Solaris machine.
      The RCU utility can be launched only on Linux and Windows.

      We have tried the following workaround to launch on Solaris and this seems to be going well.

      Copied the executable (/bin/rcu) shell script as "/bin/rcu_solaris"
      User Solaris JDK on the executable shell script (bin/rcu_solaris’) i.e.JRE_DIR="/sparcv9/packages/jdk/jdk1.6.0_33" in place default Linux JDK.

      Can someone suggest whether it's only the JDK dependency which is stopping RCU to be launched on other platforms(Solaris) and any gaps with the above approach?