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    weblogic saml 1.1 single logout problem


      I was developed successfully SSO between two applications deployed in 2 different domains created in two DIFFERENT weblogic machines. (followed Vikrant Sawant article : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/entarch/sso-with-saml-099684.html)

      Now the problem I am facing is SLO, single logout.

      appA - host1 - domain1 (source)
      appB - host2 - domain2 (destination)

      1. Login the appA with user1 and I can go the next application (appB) then I can see the same user user1 in appB.
      2. Then I closed the appB window without clicking on logout of appB.
      3. I click on logout of appA and relogin with user2 and navigate to appB it is still showing user1 only

      Please guide me how to resolve this? Does weblogic has SLO solution with configuration like SSO?

      update: If both applications are running in 2 domains in SINGLE machine then this problem is not occurring. In different machines scenario this is occurring.

      thanks in advance,

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