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    debuging Oracle forms 10g - bean

      Hi, all.
      I am not very familiar with oracle forms.
      I need to debug bean placed in some oracle form.
      I've read about this and followed http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/forms/htdocs/howto_debug_pjc.html, but a problem appeared.
      When i hit debug debug_pjc.html some dialog(where may be the form must be shown) is displayed.
      But it brings me an errror dialog with message:
      FRM-92050: Failed to connect to the server: http://mnenchev-pc:8889/forms/lservlet:-1 with detailed message IOExc : Negative content-length from http://mnenchev-pc:8889/forms/lservlet?ifcmd=getinfo&ihost=mnenchev0PC&ifip=

      I am using oracle forms 10g and here is my html for debugung:
      <HEAD><TITLE>Debug My PJC</TITLE></HEAD>
      <APPLET CODEBASE="mnenchev-pc:8889/forms/java"
      <PARAM NAME="serverURL" VALUE="http://mnenchev-pc:8889/forms/lservlet">
      <PARAM NAME="serverArgs" VALUE="module=PERSONALDATAFORMMODULE userid=test/test@xe">

      Could you tell m e where is my mistake. Also i don't know where to place my test oracle form? At the moment it is in ORACLE_HOME/forms/java where is my jar with my bean.