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    solaris and windows

      My computer is shared by the family - all prefer windows. But my preference is solaris.

      I would like to install solaris to an external sata drive and windows on internal sata. Then I could select solaris when i use the pc - is this possible.


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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          This is theoretically possible, but it depends if the HW components are supported and which boot manager can be used to boot on Solaris and Windows.


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            You can install first the Solaris for x86/x64 and then Windows. Do not install Solaris SPARC as this architecture is not supported by Windows OS.
            GRUB on x86/64 supports both UFS and NTFS File Systems and will let you choose the OS to boot according to your preference. I haven't tried it but I think it will work.

            On x86 systems it is possible to create a fdisk partition of type MS-DOS (Windows OS).