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    \\win_domain_controller\PIPE\lsarpc: Device busy

      Hello Everyone,

      I have installed Solaris 11.1 fine on one machine; but after installing Solaris 11.0 on another machine, the connection locks up with
      file_server_01 smbd: daemon.notice: \\win_domain_controller\PIPE\lsarpc: Device busy (message from /var/adm/messages).

      As a result, all zfs smb shares are off-line; the smbd server service does not restart when attempting to restart the service. The only temporary fix is to restart the file-server (not preferred).

      Interestingly enough, the server shares remain active until a copy is performed--using Windows Explorer, rsync, or Robocopy. It takes about half-hour or so before the 'lsarpc' pipe becomes inactive (Device busy).

      Thanks in advance

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