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    FA Creation in CC&B 2.3.1

      Need some clarification on what is delivered in base product with regards to Field Activity creation. Is there any coding in the base package to prevent a user or the system from creating a Field activity when there is already a Field Activity of the same type, for same service point, for same date in a pending status in the systme? I have read the description of the algorithm SASP FW CRE and it states that it will, but will this present as a Pop-up or will it be an exception in one of the log files? Does it matter if the existing FA is system generated or manually?
      I have searched the docs and can't find any explicit explanation. I have end users insisting the pop up is there, but when asked, they can't get it to recreate.
      Please help!!
      Thanks in advance!
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          No, there isn't anything to prevent the creation of an FA of the same type, same date, same service point - you can easily test this by picking an SP with a pending FA and creating another one for the same type and date. No pop-up or anything.

          For SASP FW CRE, I think the description is a bit misleading, since what it actually does is to create the FA, but cancel any similar FAs that are pending and have been created by Start/Stop requests (so ones created by a user will not get cancelled). Again you can test this easily - if you use the same SP that you have already created a manual FA for, just do a Start Service via Start/Stop screen for the same date, then a second Start Service for the same date (using two different Persons). You will see that the FA for the first Start Service gets cancelled when you do the second one, but the manually created FA does not.