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    Problem with Alom

      Hi guys,

      I have a sun netra240 which I use for practice. I configured the Alom, gave it an ip address, netmask and a default gateway. It was working fine and I was all smiles. Then it stopped working. I checked the configuration and found out that the ip address and default gateway had disappeared . I reconfigured it, but this time I can't smile because it is not working.
      I will really appreciate it if someone can help me with this.

      Thank you all.

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          Considering how old the V210, V240, and Netra 240 systems are, you may be experiencing an issue caused by a failed RTC battery.

          I'm not certain (and it has been more than eight years since I was even near one of those systems) but that coin cell battery on the systemboard may influence whether chassis configuration settings are retained.

          It would do no harm to just replace it, anyway.
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            Thank you very much for that useful information.

            Thank you kindly. I had no idea of an existence of a battery. I will research this further. Thanks again.