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    EGRCC installtion

      Hi ,

      I am planning to install EGRCC on linux 64bit for EBS 12.1.3. Can you let me know the softwares need to be downloaded. Can i install EGRCC from 8.6.4 or should i use 8.6.3.

      I the edelivery only the 8.6.4 s/w is available

      Select     Name     Part Number     Size (Bytes)
      Download      Oracle Configuration Controls Governor 5.5.1     V18542-01     100M
      Download      Oracle Application Access Controls for E-Business     V36365-01     32M
      Download      Oracle Application Access Controls Governor     V36366-01     1.4G
      Download      Oracle Enterprise Transactions Controls Governor     V36367-01     1.4G
      Download      Oracle Procure to Pay Transaction Controls     V36368-01     1.8M
      Download      Oracle Order to Cash Transaction Controls     V36369-01     706K
      Download      Oracle Preventive Controls Governor 7.3.3     V36370-01     45M

      in the 8.6.4 installation document there is note

      As you implement GRC, keep the following in mind:
      • You cannot use GRC release 8.6.4 to install a third GRC product — Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Controls (EGRCC). If you wish to install EGRCC, use GRC release 8.6.3.
      • You can install GRC on a server that you own and maintain (a “conventional” installation), or you can use Oracle VM Server to deploy an image of GRC in-itially configured by Oracle.

      if this is the case then why he has given the AACG and ETCG for EGRCC. Also can you explain me what each of the above components does. As both the AACG and ETCG are of 1.4G file and when extracted both contained grc_8064.zip file. so which one to use for EGRCC installation.

      in the 8.6.3 installation doc there is

      Oracle Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Controls (EGRCC) com-prises two components, each of which enables users to create “models” and “controls” that define risks a company may face:
      – Oracle Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor (ETCG) implements models and controls that specify circumstances under which individual transactions display evidence of error, fraud, or other risk.
      – Oracle Application Access Controls Governor (AACG) executes models and controls that define conflicts among duties that can be assigned in a company’s applications, and identify users who have access to those conflicting duties.

      and in the 8.6.3 note 978690.1 there are two files Patch:14572366 for AACG and Patch:14572372 for TCG so which one to use to get both the ETCG and AACG.

      As i want EGRCC controls need to install for my EBS. If i use 8.6.3 where can i download the other controls listed above 8.6.4 for 8.6.3