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    IIntegration Event not fired for few Accounts

      I have a workflow which should create an integration event on the basis of below details

      Workflow type is when modified record saved.
      Record type is Account.
      Integration Queue is a default queue.
      The tracked field is only a Custom field(Text (Short)).

      When this Custom Field is modified and Saved, the transaction can be seen in the queue but the same does not happen for few other accounts.
      The issue as stated above is that the Integration event is not fired for all accounts when the modified record is Saved.
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          Charles Dubant[eFrontech]

          You should take a little time to identify the records which do not fire using the workflow.
          This will help you narrow the origin of the issue comparing the non-firing records and finding similarities.

          Anyway you should pay attention to the fact that your workflow will not be considered for "New" records.
          Records that are created once and not modified afterwards are not going to go through your workflow.

          To cover this case, you have to create another workflow with Trigger Event = When new record saved

          Hope this helps,
          Charles DUBANT.

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            Hi Charles,

            Thankyou for your reply.

            i am working on the existing records..i.e modifying an existing record.I am not working on new records..
            Either Integration event should not have fired for any account or it should have fired for all accounts.

            My problem is it is firing for some accounts while firing for other accounts.
            The only difference between firing and non firing records, is perhaps perhaps

            The records its not firing from are the one created in CRM
            While the records that fire int event are the one which were imported thru the Import wizard.

            But this should not make any difference