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    DayLight Time - Java

      Hello there!
      Im having a problem with Date, Calendar, JodaTime, API...
      I live in brazil and i need to take the date and hour from the system...
      But when im into summer time for java the time comes wrong... one hour more or left....
      It happens only when my SO is checked to "Ajust automatcly the clock to summer time"...
      Someone know how can i do to get the date and hour from system?
      Normally... just the time marked in menubar...
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          Did you get an answer for your question?

          After the time switched to summer time(daylight savings), we are seeing that the time in our JAVA (JDK 1.4.2) is out of sync with our SAP (ABAP) servers.

          Can you help us get the time corrected. If you can give a step-by-step instruction to correct the time at JAVA - JDK 1.4.2 that will be great!

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            You are using a ten year old software version and you expect it to know this year's daylight-savings rules?

            You are posting to a five year old thread and you are expecting the original poster to be still watching it?