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    OEM12c - Health Overview showing Jobs Queued 12000+, backlog steps +900

    Daryl E.
      ..latest patch release of OEM 12c on Linux. Seems like something broke on the 30th. Backlog jobs have been increasing ever since.

      I have opened and SR - hoping others may have some ideas on this.

      Its manifesting itself in the inability to add new agents - they just show status pending. Some existing agents - show status pending. Metric extensions cant delploy - they are stuck jobs.

      I have checked dbms_scheduler - there are 23 jobs - all run. I have tried the remove/add of the jobs - no difference.

      No errors in alert log to indicate issues with the scheduler jobs.

      Any ideas? Oracle has been on the sr for 2+ days now and have only asked for the alert log.

      Help?! - This is our main Exadata monitoring system - and its letting me down.