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    installation issues of OEL6 on win7 64bit

    Sami A.
      I am trying to install Oracle Linux 6.4 X86_64 on my pc win 7 and its not enabling the "configure network" button , its greyed out.

      any suggestions ?

      Note: I am not installing the OEL6 under Oracle VM but directly on a secondary disk on my pc as main operating system. It does install and i can boot into it but without network.
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          you should install with the dvd, and select the graphical environment if you want to have a graphical interface, then later you can sort the network.
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            Sami A.
            ok I figured out the issue . It was not recognizing the wireless network during install, after I connected the wired network the "configure network" button was clickable and I could configure the network device.

            I have two questions related to Linux :

            1- I am installing Ebusiness suite 12 under Linux, how much performance gain we talking about in moving from Linux under ORACLE Virtual box to installing Linux directly on one of the disk?

            2- Is there a way to configure the virtual Linux installation to have a fixed ip which I can then access from the windows 7 environment?
            The idea is to have the EBSuite running under virtual Linux box and win7 acting as a client .

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              Sami A:
              To configure virtual server's network to act just like a physical server, you would choose "Bridged Adapter" in the VM's settings in VirtualBox, then configure the Linux guest OS for hardcoded IP addresses, gateway and DNS server.

              Documented here... http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch06.html#networkingmodes

              Hope that helps,
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                Hi There

                If the memory is OK, say you can give 4GB of RAM, then should not be too much difference, and you will benefit from having just the VM when you want to work on the EBS. Plus, your ebs will be 1 user EBS, so you won't complain too much about going slow. Task like 12.1.3 patch can take a while, but, you can leave them running, and won't be too much measurable how much faster will be on VM vs physical.

                Take note you can gave more than 1 cpu to the VM, here will be a real benefit, give as much as physical cores you have to the VM.

                For the second question, if you change the network of the virtual box guest from NAT to Bridge, then it will get an IP of the network where you are (office,home) and you will able to ssh, etc

                This message is on the Linux forum, as your initial issue is fixed, the best is to close this thread, and open a new one in the EBS forum if you have more questions related to EBS rather than Linux.