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    OpenScript/databank:String got from databank cannot used for parameters


      I add a jar file to OpenScript java code. Since need to input parameters from console before execute the jar file, I think it may read parameters from databank then execute it like " java -jar filename.jar para1 para2 para3" , para1 2 3 stands for three parameters got from databank,

      I get databank value like this:
      String para1 ="{{db.caseName.para1}}" ;
      String para2 = "{{db.caseName.para2}}";
      String para3 = "{{db.caseName.para3}}";

      However, it doesn't work and seems like that string got from databank cannot used as the parameters in "java -jar filename.jar para1 para2 para3".
      I try to assign value directly like: String para1 = "PARA1"; String para2 ="PARA2"; String = "PARA3"; then can execute "java -jar filename.jar para1 para2 para3" and this can work.

      So how can I use parameters got from databank in "java -jar filename.jar para1 para2 para3" successfully??
      Thanks very much^_^!