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    Trouble in Oracle Vm Manager 3.0.2 and Oracle Vm Server 3.0.2

      i have oracle vm manager 3.0.2 with oracle vm server 3.0.2 and 8 virtual machine ( OS windows server 2008, windows server 2003, oracle linux ), running on 2 blade machine.
      My question :
      1.     For network 1GB we have install oracle PV driver. Because if we don’t install PV driver, network only 100MBps. And the trouble is, if I restart the virtual machine installed PV driver why sometimes do not get IP address? In cmd enter command “ipconfig” only show Windows IP Configuration, nothing else.
      2.     In virtual machine, online ( can ping, remote ) to virtual machine. But why looking offline ( virtual machine ) in oracle vm manager?
      3.     Anybody can told me, why sometimes when I shutdown virtual machine from oracle vm manager fail? ( stuck in progress ). And when I aborted then rediscover blade machine virtual machine offline?