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    Mobile Business Intelligence - Study

      Hi everyone!

      I’m studying Information Management at Tilburg University, The Netherlands and I’m conducting a mobile business intelligence (BI) research to earn my master degree. This research aims to measure mobile BI success by examining the net benefits and the related mobile BI capabilities.

      I’ve developed a mobile BI survey to gather the data for my research, this survey is developed with the use of scientific BI literature, mobile BI expert recommendations and recommendations of BI professors.

      I would like to invite every mobile BI user to participate in this research project. It will take you approximately 5 – 8 minutes to complete this survey. The questions are not difficult or boring.

      Survey: https://tilburgss.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_3BEvNHHP5w0Fp0V

      You can be assured of complete confidentiality - no individual responses will be published, and the raw information will be accessible only to me and my supervisor (Professor) at Tilburg University.

      Some incentives for the participants are:
      •     I will donate 1 dollar to the World Wide Fund for Nature for every completed survey;
      •     Participants can win 150 dollar;
      •     And participants can choose if they want to receive the results of this research.

      In addition, this is an independent research, it is not sponsored or influenced by any mobile BI vendors and I’m conducting this research under the supervision of Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

      If you have any questions regarding this research, please feel free to ask them.

      Thank you for your consideration on this.

      Twan Peters
      t.j.a.c.peters@tilburguniversity. edu