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    Need help with Oracle forms 10g


      We have one of our application on forms 10g.
      Application Server: Apache.

      When session time out occurs it display system generated message. Stating

      FRM-92102: A network error has occurred.
      The Forms Client has attempted to reestablish its connection to the Server 5
      time(s) without success.
      Please check the network connection and try again later.

      Not sure wheter it timeout or network issue.

      But we have a requirment to display our message instead of the above message.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Depending on the exact version of Forms you are using, FRM-92102 generally means that the client machine was unable to contact the server or the listener on the server. This can occur if there is a network interruption, or if OHS stops responding, or if OC4J_BI_FORMS stops responding.

          Unless you have altered the default settings in the installation, a Forms applicaton can never timeout. It is designed with a "heartbeat" which continually tells the server that the client applet is still running and healthly. In your case (FRM-92102), it isn't the form that is unhealthy, it is the server who likely has the issue (or the network connecting the client to server. Carefully review your OHS and OC4J logs for possible failure and restarts. Such automatic restarts can cause this problem.