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    Transpose columns in OBIEE

      Hello All,

      I have 3 metrics and 1 dimension:

      Metric A
      Metric B
      Metric C [ = (Metric B / Metric A) * 100 ]
      Dimension [value: X, Y]

      Is there a way in OBIEE to create the following table:

      _________________|_________________ X __________________|___________________ Y ______________|
      Metric A label_______|____Metric A value___|_____ null __________|______Metric A value__|______ null ______|
      Metric B label_______|____Metric B value___|__Metric C value______|______Metric B value___|__Metric C value__|

      If I put the Measure Labels box on the left, also the Measure C is put in row below to Measure A and Measure B.

      I should convert a BO report with this structure, but I don't think that it is possible in OBIEE.