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    Batch compilation of Forms & Reports


      I use the following script to batch compile all forms in a directory:

      export TERM=vt220
      export ORACLE_TERM=vt220
      export ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/middleware/11121
      export FORMS_PATH=/u04/interfaces/export/bin
      export FORMS_INSTANCE=/app/oracle/middleware/frsYZS
      for i in `ls *.fmb`
      echo Compiling $i ....
      $FORMS_INSTANCE/bin/frmcmp_batch.sh userid=userid/password@host batch=yes module=$i module_type=form
      compile_all=yes window_state=minimize

      It works fine, but if I have a huge number of forms (fmb) to compile, I don't know which ones did not compile due to any error, unless I count each .fmb vs .fmx. All files gerenate a .err, even if it compiled ok.

      Is there a way to know which ones did not compile easily? What dou you suggest?

      Thanks in advance.