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    Upgrade advice


      I am a newer hire with a company to help with the Oracle migration to new hardware. I have very limited Linux experience from an administration standpoint but they have added that to my responsibilities. We are on RH 5.8 and currently. We would like to get to 6.4 and on current test/production then switch over to new hardware. Our space is limited on our current hardware so we cannot keep duplicate installs with data on our systems.

      I was reading the Red Hat documentation and they do not support full version changes, however, they do offer the upgrade option. What I would like to do is a Linux upgrade, test, Oracle upgrade, test. Can anyone provide feedback on possible issues with upgrading Linux instead of a fresh install? It sounds like what RH wants is a clean install of RH6, install Oracle, import data and setup again. RH and Oracle are the only software installed on our servers. I believe at my old company we did an upgrade (5.x to 6.x) of Linux without issue.

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          How serious is your employer about assigning job tasks and responsibilities? ;-)

          As you found out already, Oracle Linux, like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, does not support upgrading from one major version to another, and you cannot use YUM to perform the upgrade. You can use the installation DVD, but In-place upgrades across major releases do not preserve all system settings. Perhaps this will be OK with a plain vanilla system, but your mileage will vary. I would not feel comfortable to it on a production system. I see no advantage.

          Oracle database servers are typically single purpose installations with no other general use. If there are any settings or software configurations that you are not aware off then you should probably not perform any upgrade and find out the hardware and software requirements first.

          Oracle database upgrades are a complete different subject and need to be addressed individually, which is beyond the scope of the Linux forum. It requires many more details. You are most likely not the first person to perform such an upgrade and there should already be plenty of information.
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            So you think the safeist bet is to do a fresh RH6 install and fresh install Oracle again then import data? Can we just do the intall then copy back all our oracle files again to where they were stored before or it's just not that simple? Our current oracle home is on a SAN /u01/app/oracle/product.... so it's not in the /home area or any other Linux default install area.

            Or can we just do a fresh install on top of the previous verison and preserve Oracle and datafiles?

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              I recommend to upgrade Oracle on the old system first, before planning to upgrade Linux.

              Once you have completed the upgrade and everything is fine, create an offline backup of the complete system.

              Finally, erase the system disk, install and setup Oracle Linux 6.4. Configure the mount points and set up the Oracle account ID the same way as it was on the old system. You will probably want kernel hugepages and use ASM. You can then install the "oracle-rdbms-server-11gr2-preinstall" package to do the remaining software prerequisites and kernel parameters. Then restore the Oracle database stuff. Don't forget oracle scripts in /usr/local/bin, /home/oracle login profile files and /etc/oratab. And finally relink the oracle binaries on the new system using $ORACLE_HOME/bin/relink all

              For more details, the Database Upgrade forum as already mentioned is the right place to ask.

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                I was already leaning that way after I read that Linux doesn't like full version upgrades. It would be too much to do at one time with new hardware and on top of that a different geographical location move. I've already perfomed an 11G upgrade in the past so I will start with that and get my Linux admin skills up in the meantime.