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    Migration of credentials in OBIEE11g

      Hi All,
      I am new to 11g and have migrated identity stores,policy stores successfully from tst to prd.
      When I am migrating credentials store its throwing errors.
      Please correct me if my steps for migrating the credentials from tst to prd are ok or not.
      1)I have created two folders tst and prd in prd which holds the holds the cwallet.sso file from tst and prd respectively.
      2)I have edited the jps-config_cred file and mentioned the file path
      <!-- Source file-based credential store instance -->
      <serviceInstance location="E:/SecurityMigration/TST" provider="credstoressp" name="credstore.source">
      <description>File Based Credential Store Service Instance</description>
      <serviceInstance location="E:/SecurityMigration/PRD" provider="credstoressp" name="credstore">
      <description>File Based Credential Store Service Instance</description>

      3)Ran the command from wlst to migrate the credentials.
      Now after running its showing "Command failed Reason JPS-00096 No service instance defined for credential.file.source"

      Please help me to find where I am going wrong...Thanks