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    SQL Developer 3.3.20 maximized issue

      I've been running SQL Developer 3.1.07 on my Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu 12.04) 64-bit cinnamon desktop for well over a year, and today, I downloaded the 3.2.20 linux rpm, and installed via alien / dpkg.

      I migrated my settings, and can connect to any of my databases fine.

      However, I'm having problems with the menus when SQL Developer is maximized.
      For example,
      1. I mouse click on any menu, but the menu does not stay selected (I must hold the mouse button down).
      2. When I select a menu entry, another menu is displayed. i.e. click Help, then try to select any item, and the Versioning menu displays.

      If I un-maximize SQL Developer, and stretch to 90% of the screen, it works fine. Using the Alt keyboard and up/down arrow works fine.

      I updated my Java to 1.6.0_43 and rebooted my PC, but the problem still persists (when maximised).

      Anyone have an idea of what might be causing this?