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    JFrame is Larger in Java 7 compared to Java 6?

      I was wondering if this was a programming issue...

      I am creating an application, and I wanted to add support for mac users running 10.6.8, which doesn't support Java 7. To do this, I compiled it with the Java 6 JDK, and I after I changed that I noticed some code errors i needed to fix (For instance, JList is not generic in 6, but it is in 7). However after changing this, I noticed a little detail...

      When I run the application with Java 7, there is a little extra space at the bottom of the window. When I run it with Java 6 (via Eclipse), that extra space is gone.

      After I made the compiling change from 7 to 6, users said that the buttons on the bottom were barely visible (I'm using absolute positioning, and because of that spacing issue, it made the buttons less visible).

      Is there something I'm doing wrong programming wise?