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    Installation Error in Oracle Application Server Infrastructure 10g

      Hi Good noon sir,
      I am trying to install application server, but in the duration I face problems. I have attempted to install it more then 5 time approximately.
      First i am installing Oracle Application Server Infrastructure 10g, where in the "Suggested Namespace" an entry displayed as "dc=sf-erp:8889,dc=com", where "sf-erp" is my computer name and ":8889" is port no. meantime an error shows that computer name shouldn't contain ' - ' , therefore I changed my computer name from "sf-erp" to "server". But in the "suggested name space" it always shows as "dc=sf-erp:8889,dc=com", If I placed value in "custom namespace" as "dc=server,dc=com" and in the next step "Global Database Name" = server.com and SID = server, it displayed "Ora_Home1\Bin\emca script" error and then in the further process "Internet Directory Configuration Assistant" it displays 2 more errors.

      Sir I want to send you the screen shot of error, is here any attachment option? Please suggest me what to do.

      Thank you soo much.

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