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    Integrating OAM with Tomcat protected Applications

      Hello Everyone,

      I need to protect an Tomcat deployed application using OAM.

      I have searched in net regarding my requirement. I got a wonderful link which is given below.


      As per the above post,i used first method(Reverse proxy as OHS server) to protect the static page deployed in Tomcat using Proxy method of Tomcat server using OAM

      Now, I have requirement on Dynamic page protection deployed in Tomcat server.

      Done the following steps to protect the applications using Proxy method of Tomcat server in OAM:

      1)Already i had deployed Oracle GRC application in Tomcat server under /webapps.
      2)In OAM protected the GRC url as /grc in Application domain.
      3)In OHS server http.conf I have given these two lines ProxyPass /grc  http://tomcat_host:port/grc
      *     ProxyPassReverse /grc http://tomcat_host:port/grc*

      We know the concept that, when i hit http://OHS_HOST:PORT/grc it should go to Tomcat server and hits the OAM server for Authentication and gives the protected page for authorised users.

      When i access the http://OHS_HOST:port/grc, I am getting the OAM authentication page to login the credentials. After i provided the details I am getting 404 error( Reqested URL is not available).
      But my GRC application is in inside WEBAPPS folder of TOMCAT.

      Please suggest me to do this.

      Thanks & Regards,