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    linux 6 iso

      i was looking to download linux 6 update 4 iso file in edelivery.

      But the list provided is confusing.
      Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 4 Media Pack v1 for x86_64 (64 bit)

      There are 5 part. Which one is the right one to download ?

      i downloaded V37084-01; but there are set of files and folders inside this.

      can somebody guide me how to get an iso out of this.
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          I with V37084-01     will be suffcient.

          Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 4 for x86_64 (64 Bit)                V37084-01                            3.5  G

          The other DVD are the two boot iso images ( they dont contain all the packages), and the source DVD ( DVD with rthe source of the binaries )

          You just need V37084-01
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            how can i make a iso out of this ? do i need to copy this full unzpped files and folders to a dvd ? does it work
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              The downloaded file already is a .iso image, You have to burn it into a DVD

              If your desktop are a Windows, you can do it with "Nero burning ROM" or whatever burning software you use with your DVD recorder. If your desktop are a Mac, you can do it with "disk utility"

              Just search +" Burn iso image windows", " Burn iso image windows" or " Burn iso image linux"+ on google and you will obtain a lot of answers :-)

              P.D if you want to install it into a virtual machine you can assign the iso image like a virtual DVD, but, in a physical machine you have to burn it
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                Thx. May be it is a iso file.
                I thought it was an winrar file. (as that is associated with winrar). Right click shows it as ISO file.
                I will give a try to install.