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    Siebel Fixes, Service Packs, Releases and Upgrade Terminology

      I am very new to Siebel and struggling to get a handle on Siebel release terminology - if an explanation is contained on the Oracle website it is well buried. Other websites do not seem to cover this either and so for the uninitiated it remains a mystery

      Can someone please explain types of software releases are issued for Siebel? For instance:

      Are fixes for single issues released? What are they called - hotfixes?
      Are security fixes managed by a different method to functional fixes?
      Are fixes for multiple issues bundled? What are these called - service packs?
      How are enhancements released? Only as minor software releases - 8.1, 8.2, etc? Is there another mechanism for releasing smaller enhancements?

      And finally, can someone advise what is standard (or even best) practice for applying changes... Are most 'healthy' systems maintained at 'n-1'?

      Apologies if this all seems a little '101' - any help would be much appreciated...

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