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    BAM: first steps. Reports

      I am new in BAM. I have some questions and it will be great if you can help me.
      I just installed BAM on server1, I also have server2 and server3 with web services. I need to make some reports, could I make it with BAM:
      1) use of server2 and server3 memory;
      2) numbers of SOAP-request (schedule, the number of requests per day), the average response time, average and peak values for a given period (day, week, month);
      3) numbers of DataSource, status, number of open sessions;
      4) status on failures, shutdowns node (error list);

      Is it right that I need configure OracleBamAdapter on server2 and server3 for making reports?

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          when you say server1 ,server2 and server do you mean they are in cluster?

          Are they soa server?

          you can use BAM adapter or sensor to create BAM reports.

          BAM report basically takes the data from database and displays it in a graphical format.

          so if you able to retrieve the mentioned item in a table you can create a report for all of them.

          Adapter and sensor are created on design time using jdevleoper gui.
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            yes, servers are in cluster and there are servers not in.

            what do you mean "they soa server"? this servers with web-services.

            Could you please explain me how BAM takes data for reports. Does it take data from BAM-schemes? Does we need add the ability to our web-services that must provide data to BAM DB?
            It very important fro us that we can with bam-adapter takes data from weblogic or we need add the ability in web-services to provide data in BAM.

            Thank you!