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    BPM Oracle Web Forms Error


      I have successfully installed Oracle BPM on 32 bit Window machine.

      Under BPM Composer, when I tried to create new Web Forms(follows BPM Composer User Guide- Chapter 3), I am getting this error message:

      Error getting form: LeaveRequestForm
      Caused by: Could not instantiate form: got wrong status=500

      Is anyone have any clue- How to rectify this error message ?

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          Please use a fully qualified URL to access composer.
          Example :
          Use adc2105.us.oracle.com:7001/bpm/composer and NOT
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            Thanks for your reply.

            Is adc2105.us.oracle.com your machine name, where is SOA server installed.

            My machine name is ABCZ-XP and host name : localhost

            Please confirm, Do I need to use : http://ABCZ-XP:7001/bpm/composer

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              Dan Atwood
              The error you are getting is because you are using "localhost". Change it to the fully qualified machine name. When invoking Composer, most of us are in the habit of not fully qualifying the machine's name in the URL. For example, the URL http://localhost:7001/bpm/composer will be used to invoke Composer from a browser on the same machine that WebLogic is running or http://MachineName:7001/bpm/composer to invoke it when WebLogic is running on a machine named "MachineName".

              If you plan to use the Web Forms Designer feature in Composer, you now instead must fully qualify the URL with the full machine's name when you invoke Composer (e.g. http://MachineName.SomeDomainName.com:7001/bpm/composer or if you are using an Amazon EC2 instance http://ec2-50-19-167-0.compute-1.amazonaws.com:7001/bpm/composer).

              More than you wanted to know, but another change I believe that you will likely have to make is to change the WebLogic settings for the domain. When creating the WebLogic domain for Oracle BPM, the "Listen Address" and "Frontend Host" fields are left blank by default. While this does not cause an issue when you're in development normally, when using Composer's Web Forms Designer tool these fields need to be set to the fully qualified name of the machine.

              1. Backup the current config.xml file in the <WebLogic domain home directory>\config directory before doing the next step.
              2. In the WebLogic Administration Console expand Environment -> click Servers -> click the server's name -> with both the Configuration and General tabs selected, enter the fully qualified name of the machine where WebLogic is running (e.g. machineName.someDomain.com) in the Listen Address field -> click Save.
              3. Next, enter this same text into the Frontend Host field by clicking the Protocols tab -> click the HTTP tab -> enter the fully qualified name of the machine in the Frontend Host field -> click Save. Finally, be sure to stop and restart the WebLogic domain after making these two changes.

              After you have changed these two fields, you will no longer be able to use localhost in the URLs to invoke Composer, the Workspace, Enterprise Manager or the Administration Console and will instead need to use the fully qualified machine name in these URLs as well.

              Just another heads-up - you will also likely run another issue when you attempt to run Composer's Player. The role names in the processes cannot have any space characters or special characters. You will know that you've run into this issue when you see the error message:
              exception.70207.description: Action INITIATE on process Player/EmployeeOnboarding!1.0*soa_5eba8a37-486e-4451-a714-78912aad9fa9/Process1 cannot be performed by <some user name>
              Although you are allowed to enter space and special characters (including the "_" character) into the names of the roles in Composer and in Oracle BPM Studio, the role names in the process cannot have any space characters or special characters if you plan on running the process in Composer's Process Player.

              Hope this gets you going,
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                Thanks Dan.

                My problem is gone now.

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                  Josue Barrero
                  Hi Daniel,

                  Do you think this new Web forms could replace ADF Forms in BPM processes?

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                    If you were an user of the 10g you can compare the webform UI with the former BO presentation.
                    You will still need ADF forms when you need complex UIs or a very customize client behavior.
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                      Hi Dan,


                      I'm using the pre-built virtual machine with PS6 to test webforms. It's hostname is "soabpm.vm.site" and its fqdn (as per "hostname --fqdn") is "localhost". I would like to use this virtual machine in a different machine. Which values should I enter for "Listen Address" and "Frontend Host"? I had some issues using webforms, so I want to be sure about this.



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                        Dan Atwood

                        Change the values in the WebLogic domain for Oracle BPM, the "Listen Address" and "Frontend Host" field and restart the domain to see if your change worked while on the VM.


                        Once you get that tested, see if you can hit Composer from another machine.  If you successfully hit it, note that the URL automatically will change to the fully qualified DNS name because of the change you made to the Frontend Host field.