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    OPMN Agent throwing error while running ODIOSCOMMAND parameter in package


      I have installed OPMN to run my standalone agent as windows service. I am able to run all objects except it fails to run ODIOSCOMMAND parameter in package at this step it is failing.

      Now I stopped OPMN instance from services and started agent manually by running the batch file and ran same package that has ODIOSCOMMAND it ran successfully.

      I tested my environmental_variables has oracle_home set in it.

      Error message is error file:

      Error 6 initializing SQL*Plus

      Message file sp1<lang>.msb not found

      SP2-0750: You may need to set ORACLE_HOME to your Oracle software directory

      Operator error:

      ODI-1217: Session INCREMENTAL_UPDATE_WITH_NEW_TABLE (14067001) fails with return code 7000.

      ODI-1226: Step Load INV Values fails after 1 attempt(s).

      ODI-1241: Oracle Data Integrator tool execution fails.

      Caused By: com.sunopsis.dwg.function.SnpsFunctionBaseException: ODI-30038: OS command returned 1.

           at com.sunopsis.dwg.tools.OSCommand.actionExecute(OSCommand.java:294)

           at com.sunopsis.dwg.function.SnpsFunctionBase.execute(SnpsFunctionBase.java:276)