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    how to write the query for rfq>

      pls send rfq query?

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        • 1. Re: how to create  a project
          There are various ways to create a project:

          1) Login as Project Manager
          (N) Projects Delivery>Create Project

          2) Login as Project Implementation Super User
          (N) Setup>Projects>Project Templates
          (B) New

          3) Use AMG APIs (Activity Management Gateway)
          This option creates projects, structures, budgets, agreements ... programmatically.
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            you should always create a project once project template is defined, always when you want to create project , select the appropriate project template to define the project

            Project template is mostly you set all the options/setups that you would typically need quite often to your project creation , this reduces rework ( like creating one time project template for T&M based projects) and you can use T&M template for creating all T&M projects

            However once you create project using project template, you can modify the project/setups, defaults whatever you defined @ Project template

            Ideally you should be aware of what kind of business process that you have and then accordingly create project templates

            Krishna :)