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    Libraries In Cloud services


      I need to know if is able to use some libraries in the app Cloud server.

      The libraries are:
      ICE faces
      Apache POI
      Apache Pooling libraries

      We are building a java application.

      Thanks a lot,

      Carlos Sánchez
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          My guess is yes. but its hard to say.

          The best way to know is create an empty application, and package these jars. Deploy the application to cloud and you will see the whitelist log. In the log, you will see errors and warnings, if any. That will tell you if these libraries are using any APIs that cloud service wont load.

          You can also run whitelist tool on command line --- java -jar whitelist.jar myapp.jar

          You will need to download the Java SDK from here -- http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/cloud/downloads/index.html