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    how to find out my login

      I have installed oracle database 11g enterprise edition but when I go to the "get started" section, I get stopped by a login screen. How do I find out my credentials, it doesn't appear to be the same credentials as the oracle website sign in?
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          Same credential as specified in the installer, if you're looking at the apex admin page ...:8080/apex/f?p=4950 try system for the login, password the value that was entered in the installer dialog box ...
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            Bas de Klerk

            you're posting in the express edition forum but are talking about enterprise edition.... there are major differences between them. I assume your using XE ( express edition ).

            When asked for a login this should be a database account. During installation at least 2 accounts are created. User sys and system
            Both of them have a password which you entered during installation ( check http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17781_01/install.112/e18803.pdf )
            If you forgot those there are ways to recover from that ( start sqlplus and connect as internal, change the passwords of those users and try again ), but a reinstall and writing down the passwords might also be an option if your not familiar with oracle yet :)

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              Thank you, all sorted :)