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          Check these

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            Hi Srini,

            Thanks for responding ,
            Just with a curiosity, can we go from to directly . or do we need to go from to and then to

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              Hi venk,

              yes (BI - Patch)

              Refer : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/upgrade.1111/e16452/img/upgrade_11_1_1_1_7-1.gif

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                Applying the Latest Patch to Oracle WebCenter is same as applying a patch to obiee which means upgrading it from to
                is both same.

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                  Hi sai,

                  Thanks for your response.

                  Applying the Latest Patch to Oracle WebCenter is same as applying a patch to obiee which means upgrading it from to
                  is both same.


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                    Hi Srini,

                    Can you please get me out of the confusion,
                    can you open this link http://obieedeveloper.blogspot.in/2013/04/how-to-upgrade-from-obiee-11116x-to.html .
                    here in the diagram it is saying the same procedure we follow from to (we can go directly from 5 to 7).
                    And is this procedure right, can any one tell me .

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                      Yes we can go from to with patch process


                      Just do it, follow my first response :)

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                      Its better to raise SR with Oracle and take suggestion._

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                        Hi Srini,

                        Thanks for the response, But the link which i provided explained with pictures, so just wanted to make sure, if that is correct, I can follow that. as it is clearly shown with pictures.

                        but from the links you have provided in your first response, i made these points, but I dont think these are clear.

                        This is where we install the new version of a product in a new Middelware Homw ,and migrate all the metadata from the old installation to the new one. This has the virtue of simplicity, but if the current installation is heavily customized and have got lots of analyses, LDAP users ... ,Then it is preferable to upgrade current installation "in-place".
                        Because of the move to integrate OBIEE closer into Oracle Fusion Middleware ,the in-place upgrade process is actually a bit complex,and in Fusion Middleware terms is reffered to as "Applying the latest Oracle Fussion Middleware patchset.
                        Note:- We need to make sure ,we BACK-UP the existing system before attempting n upgrade.

                        *Applying the Latest Patch to Oracle WebCenter*

                        +Determine the OWSM policy URIs for Spaces and Discussions Web service end points, and if required, for portlet producers+
                        +Perform the general pre-patching tasks:+

                        +Review system requirement, certification and interoperability information+

                        +Stop the servers and processes+

                        +Back up your Middleware Home, Domain Home, and Oracle instances+

                        +Back up your database and database schemas+

                        +Back up additional configuration information+

                        +Patch Oracle WebLogic Server - specify what patch we are applying here+

                        +Rename the emCCR file for silent patching+
                        +Download the installer for WebCenter Portal and other required products+

                        +Download the WebCenter Portal installer, which is a full installer that also functions as an update installer. At this stage, if required, you can also download installers for other FMW products that you plan+
                        +to patch, such as Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle SOA Suite. (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/doc.1111/e16793/patch_set_installer.htm#CBHDHGBE)+
                        +Note:- It depends some time , if already downloaded the product installers, then we can skip this step.+

                        +Run Patch Set Installer to patch the following Fusion Middleware products to the latest release:+
                        +Oracle Identity Management+
                        +Oracle Web Tier (Oracle HTTP Server)+
                        +Oracle Forms, Reports and Discoverer to release, and Oracle Portal to - NOT USED+

                        +Patch these products before you patch Oracle WebCenter This Oracle Fusion Middleware patch set provides Oracle Portal, which is the+
                        +latest version of Oracle Portal. When you run the patch set, Oracle Portal is patched to release

                        +Run the WebCenter Portal installer to patch to Release

                        +Run the WebCenter Portal installer. While applying the patch set, specify your existing Oracle Middleware home and WebCenter Portal Oracle home locations.+
                        +http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/doc.1111/e16793/patch_set_installer.htm#CBHFDHJC (no need to do this if already patched)+

                        +Patch the other required Fusion Middleware products+

                        +At this stage, you can patch other FMW products, such as Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle SOA Suite, by running their product installers.Mandatory only for the products installed in the Middleware+

                        +Update the MDS, WEBCENTER, and ACTIVITIES schemas+

                        +Use the Patch Set Assistant to update your schemas.Before running Patch Set Assistant, you should check to make sure that your database is up and+
                        +running and that the schemas you want to upgrade are at the versions that are supported for upgrade.We need to check whether schemas of other+
                        +patched products need to be updated. you can update all the required schemas at this stage. we can skip this step if we have already patched+
                        +schemas as listed here http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/doc.1111/e16793/patch_set_assistant.htm#CHDCCJHF+

                        +Perform the following post-patching tasks for WebCenter Portal:+

                        +Attach security policy to Web service end points of Spaces and Discussions, and if applicable, portlet producers+

                        +Extend the domain using the Pagelet Producer upgrade template+

                        +Update SSO and OHS configuration for Pagelet Producer, Portlet Producer applications, and Oracle SES+

                        +Configure group space workflows+

                        +Upgrade Process Space+

                        +You must restore your previous security policy configuration. If any custom portlet producers are deployed, attach the security policies to their+
                        +Web service end points.If group space workflows, SSO, and OHS are configured, it is mandatory to reconfigure them after patching your instance.It+
                        +is optional, but recommended, to upgrade Pagelet Producer and Process Spaces.+

                        +Perform post-patching tasks for the required Fusion Middleware products.+

                        +For all the Fusion Middleware products that you patched to Release, perform the required post-patching tasks.+

                        +Start the servers and processes+

                        +Start your Oracle Fusion Middleware environment. This involves starting your Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Server, managed servers, node manager, OPMN and all system components.+

                        +Verify Oracle WebCenter Portal installation+

                        +Verify your patched WebCenter Portal instance by trying to access various URLs like for Administration Server and Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces.+

                        This is what i am thinking the steps from your first responses.

                        Can you please clear me in this,+_
                        is the link with pictures correct or not.+_
                        is the above steps I provided are correct or not.+_

                        Thanks a lot for the response


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                          Its better to raise SR with Oracle and take a suggestion.

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                          Can you share your updates on this?

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                            Any document on upgrading SOA/BPM to



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                              Hi everyone !

                              can we go from to directly ?