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    How to update zfs-based flar?

    Igor Sobinov

      I have ZFS-based flash archive (flar file). I need to install to it several additional packages and patches. As I know, it is possible for USF-based flar, but how to do it with ZFS-based one?
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          My flash archive knowledge is minimal and I'm not sure how to do this with UFS, but maybe this is what a differential flash archive is?
          If so, ZFS doesn't support this archiving method as described here:


          Only a full initial installation of a ZFS flash archive is supported. You cannot install a differential flash archive of a ZFS root file system or install a hybrid UFS/ZFS archive.

          I think you will need to recreate the flar with the additional components.

          Solaris 10 installation features existed about 10 years before ZFS was created. Getting the basic installation features to work with ZFS was quite an accomplishment. More ZFS installation features have been added since their initial release (Solaris 10 10/08) but not this one.

          Thanks, Cindy