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    DG Broker configuration for dest_2

      I have a (simple) question regarding using the DG Broker and setting the DEST_2, DEST_3 locations.
      Oracle 11.2

      Question is if the DEST_2 must include a "service" in its location?

      We have a production database configured with DG Broker and on the production side, it has the DEST_2 set to use a service.
      however, on the standby database, it does not have a service defined in the DEST_2 location.

      Also, on the primary side, it has a physical location defined for dest_3, but on standby, it is blank and not defined at all.
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          Yes, the Standby setup is incomplete without a DEST_2 setting. It will not be ready to assume the Primary role in the event of a switchover. Data Broker generally will add DEST_3.

          Without a "service" in its location the two database will not be able to work in both roles.

          Here are my setup notes if it helps :


          This is the Oracle document you want :

          Oracle® Data Guard Broker 11g Release 2 (11.2) E17023-06

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            Thank you very much.
            That was the confirmation I was looking for and needed.