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    Upgrade Solaris 10 U8 to U9

      I am new to UNIX administration. I have a system that needs JDK1.7 on it. The system is currently running Solaris 10 U8 and JDK1.7 requires Solaris 10 U9+. I downloaded Solaris 10 U9 and then ran the patch analyzer to see what needed to be replaced or removed. I got a list of 150 items. Is this normal? Will it cause issues if I do the upgrade? I plan on doing a ufsdump before I do the upgrade. I was going to try a live upgrade but I do not have the space. Should I go to Solaris 10 U11?

      Making list of patches in CD/net image...
      Making list of patches applied to installed system...
      Patch 118666-26 will be removed
      Patch 118667-26 will be removed
      Patch 118777-16 will be removed
      Patch 119059-56 will be removed
      Patch 121780 will be downgraded from -11 to -10
      Patch 125136 will be downgraded from -28 to -19
      Patch 125137 will be downgraded from -28 to -19
      Patch 145006 will be downgraded from -02 to -01