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    Oracle VM 3.2.2 x86_64 - Local Storage

    Victor Armbrust
      Hello Experts

      I just upgraded my Oracle VM 2.2.1 to Oracle VM 3.2.2. I had a filesystem (ext3) from OVM 2.2.1 which has all my VMs. I want to use that filesystem in OVM 3.2.2. Is it possible? How can configure my Oracle VM 3.2.2 to use the Local Storage I Had from OVM 2.2.1?

      I need to use local storage on OVM 3.2.2

      Any Suggestions?

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          Hopefully that original instance is still online &/or you have backups of all the VMs.

          On 3.2.1 I was able to add local storage as long as it was a complete disk (or raid group presented as a single disk). I was not able to add separate partitions (for example my 1 TB boot disk had lots of space left over that wasn't in the boot partitions that I couldn't use).

          If you do have suitable local storage, in 3.2.1 it will basically automatically partition/format/mount the local storage for you. I am pretty sure you will lose any data on the disk(s) & it will use ocfs2 and not ext3 or whatever else you may want instead.

          Once the local storage is online as a repository, you then bring in the VMs as templates... I used the SimpleHTTPServer technique documented in this thread but there are multiple ways to do it:

          migrate VM´s from 2.2.2 to 3.1

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