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    Error using setBigDecimal on column type Number

    Kamal Kishore-Oracle

      I am facing an issue very randomly.
      I have a table with column type Number. In my java class where i insert values into this table, I am using setBigDecimal function to bind the value.
      I dont face the issue always, but at times, I am getting the below exception:

      [XHUB-108] A SQLException occurred while doing a database operation ( myfunction())[java.sql.SQLException:1461:ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column.

      I got this issue inserting a value - 493414 into the column. Where as, I was able to insert values way bigger than this into the table.

      Should i use setNUMBER function to insert the values and avoid the issue?
      Is this a bug in setBigDecimal funciton?

      Kindly suggest.