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    Weblogic 11g statup error.

      Hi I am very new to oracle weblogic. I installed weblogic server 10.3 on fedora 14 in development mode. After installation It startup first time successfully. but when I try to start it again, it shows following error and don't do anything. Process is stopped here.

      Error is :

      <Apr 12, 2013 2:41:21 PM IST> <Error> <Coherence> <fedora> <AdminServer> <Logger@9215997> <<anonymous>> <> <0000JrxTpjtFw000jzwkno1HPwmR000002> <1365757881226> <BEA-000000> <Oracle Coherence (member=1): Detected soft timeout) of {WrapperGuardable Guard{Daemon=Cluster} Service=ClusterService{Name=Cluster, State=(SERVICE_STARTED, STATE_JOINED), Id=0, Version=3.7.1, OldestMemberId=1}}>

      I am not able to resolve and my weblogic server is not starting. Can anybody please tell me why this problem is coming and what will be solution for this.
      Thanks in advance.

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