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    Grouping ActionResults?

      I have some processes that iterate over some variables. This works fine, but because of the way IdM executes the processes, the ActionResults from each process does not show in a meaningful order.
      Is there a way to group ActionResult so that when the overall process is complete and the results are show, the ActionResults are show as groups? E.g. in the following code, I want result aaa and result bbb to be shown under each other as a group:
              <Action id='0' name='someResults'>
                <ActionResult resultName='group1' name='a' type='message' value='aaa'/>
                <ActionResult resultName='group2' name='z' type='message' value='keep'/>
                <ActionResult name='user' value='ccc'/>
                <ActionResult resultName='group1' name='b' type='message' value='bbb'/>
      Best regards