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    /dev/iscsi/ does not exists

      Linux Version : Oracle Enterprise Linux5
      [root@NODE1 by-path]# uname -a
      Linux NODE1 2.6.39-100.7.1.el5uek #1 SMP Wed May 16 03:55:56 EDT 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
      I am follwoing the below link to build a RAC database for learning purpose. On first page of this link where we configured iscsi targets, i am getting /dev/iscsi does not exists.


      problem, i think is as below, i am getting multiple links
      [root@NODE1 dev]# cd /dev/disk/by-path
      [root@NODE1 by-path]# ls -l *openfiler* | awk '{FS=" "; print $9 " " $10 " " $11}'
      ip- -> ../../sdf
      ip- -> ../../sdf1
      ip- -> ../../sdc
      ip- -> ../../sdc1
      ip- -> ../../sdg
      ip- -> ../../sdg1
      ip- -> ../../sdd
      ip- -> ../../sdd1
      ip- -> ../../sde
      ip- -> ../../sde1
      in actual post, output is as below
      ip- -> ../../sdb
      ip- -> ../../sdd
      ip- -> ../../sdc
      Please suggest, what i am doing wrong....
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          I think you haven't finished all the commands in the blog.

          You got the sdb sdc sdd devices which is good.

          the next step is follow with the udev part of the blog, that udev will create custom rules that will put the specific devices on /dev/iscsi/..

          if you are familiar with oracleasm, you can just use oracleasm createdisk on top of /dev/sdb and create oracleasm devices

          or, complete the blog post and use udev devices.

          but you are half way.